Aremimo Meditation and Training CenterAremimo Meditation and Training CenterAremimo Meditation and Training Center
22 town squre mall 6 floor,
Megenagna, Addis Ababa
+251 91 371 4275


Psychosocial Training, Mekele, Tigray

The human psyche is a complex, obscured world. As a therapist and mindset trainer, I am always inspired by the mind!For the past few days, the Aremimo Training Center has been in Tigray, Mekele to give ‘Psychosocial Intervention’ training and therapy.The hospitality we received from BoA staff and Mekele people…
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Best Team

I am always proud and thankful to see our company’s rapid growth.I feel blessed to have such a dedicated staff that always exceed my expectations. Aremimo Training Center(Inner Peace, Outer Growth)
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Anniversary Celebration of Aremimo

በፈጣሪ ቸርነት አርምሞ የሥልጠና ማዕከል 1ኛ ዓመት የምስረታ በዓሉን በጁፒተር ሆቴል በደማቅ ሁኔታ አክብሯል። በእለቱ የአርምሞ ራዲዮ ጣቢያ የማስጀመርና የተማሪዎች የምርቃት መርሃ ግብርም ተከናውኗል። በዶ/ር ደራሲ ኤልያስ ገብሩ አእምሮ የተመሰረተው አርምሞ የስልጠና ማዕከል – ውስጣዊ ሰላም ውጫዊ እድገት በሚል ርዕዮት የተዋቀረ በአስተሳሰብ ልህቀት፣ በስኬታማ አመራር፣ የድብቁን አእምሮ የማነፅና በጥሞና ኢትዮጵያዊ…
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