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Psychosocial Training, Mekele, Tigray

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The human psyche is a complex, obscured world. As a therapist and mindset trainer, I am always inspired by the mind!
For the past few days, the Aremimo Training Center has been in Tigray, Mekele to give ‘Psychosocial Intervention’ training and therapy.
The hospitality we received from BoA staff and Mekele people was heart warming.
The war has left a lasting scar on most of us. At the same time, we have found the resilience of some people to be rather impressive. We also brought an American psychologist who had years of experience in the field to the training (he also shared a similar view).
It was indeed a time of exchanging knowledge, skills, empathy, humanistic values, and collective healing.

Yes, we can heal and thrive together.

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